Mob Wives

Chronicles the lives of four struggling "allegedly" associated women who have to pick up the pieces and carry on after their husbands or fathers do time for Mob-related activities.

Director: Jennifer Graziano

Country: USA

Duration: 43 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2011

IMDb: 4.9

Season 1 - Mob Wives
"Welcome to Staten Island, the land of fierce women who never admit to being allegedly \"connected\" -- until now. Renee, Carla and Drita are no strangers to the good life, but now, with their husbands and fathers behind bars, they realize there is a price to pay. Left alone to pick up the pieces, these women face the harsh realities of \"life\" after informants have turned their families' lives upside down. To these ladies, \"loyalty is everything\" so, when Karen Gravano (the daughter of infamous mob informant Sammy the Bull) arrives back on the Staten Island scene after 10 years away in Arizona -- there is hell to pay. Karen's return becomes explosive when she shows up at a party on loyalist, Renee Graaziano's, home turf."
"The showdown continues at Carla's birthday party as Renee and Karen both refuse to back down. When Drita decides to take matters into her own hands, all hell breaks loose. Old friendships are tested and new alliances are formed. While Karen rebuilds her old relationships on Staten Island, Renee clashes with her ex-husband and Drita receives shocking news from prison."
"When the Feds conduct the biggest mob bust in the history of organized crime, the fall out rocks Staten Island to its core and Renee's world starts to unravel. Karen is forced to revisit her mafia past as she reconnects with memories of growing up as an infamous gangster's daughter. Drita faces the harsh realities of her husband's prolonged jail sentence which forces her to question her future as a prisoner's wife. The divide between Renee and Drita deepens when Renee receives an unexpected blow and an unlikely ally shows support."
"Renee tempts fate by hosting a Psychic Party, while Carla loses control over her rambunctious twins and contemplates telling them the truth about their Dad's imprisonment. After Drita's moves to make amends are rebuffed by Renee, the domineering wise gals go head to head. Renee's inner Mafia Princess is unleashed when things take a disrespectful and dangerous turn during a night out with Karen."
"During a ladies' night out, \"Party Renee\" makes an overdue and completely wild appearance. Meanwhile, Drita comes face to face with the harsh realities of having a husband behind bars as her birthday approaches. Her boozy blowout pushes her to resolve one conflict, though she remains oblivious to another even bigger one that is brewing. Carla's blissful relationship with a mystery man sows the seeds of dissent among the women, as Renee prepares herself for a fresh start, at any cost. While continuing to work on her book and dig into her past, Karen resolves to confront an explosive issue that's been eating at her for a long time. Sparks fly. Lines are crossed."
"Karen and Drita's feud continues to simmer with the two keeping their distance. When Renee invites the ladies for a \"sit-down\" at her table to resolve their differences, her dinner takes a disastrous hair pulling turn as disagreements escalate and everyone comes to blows!"
"With Carla and Renee at each other's throats, everyone is forced to put their issues on the table as the fight at Renee's house takes an unexpected turn. Karen's and Drita's unresolved issues put their friendship in the line of fire once again. In the aftermath of the epic battle, Renee looks for love in all the wrong places while Drita and Lee have a surprisingly intimate conversation. As Karen prepares for a visit from her daughter, Carla steels herself for her husband's long awaited return from prison."
"With her dating life on hold, Renee looks to completely re-invent herself at the plastic surgeon. Karen's writing is stalled when her book deal makes headlines and creates a nasty backlash. Carla prepares for her husband's imminent release from prison while Drita tries to explain the concept of a rat to her daughter as she goes to war with a crew of raccoons. Renee surprises the women with shocking news about her ex-husband Junior that has everyone up in arms."
"Renee discovers Junior has been deceitful and is forced to make a decision about their future together. As Carla's husband is released from prison after serving six years, she realizes that her kids are finally going to find out that their father has been locked up all this time. Meanwhile, Karen finishes the first chapter of her book and gives it to Drita. The gesture brings up feelings that Drita thought she had put behind her and reignites her rage towards Karen."
"Season Finale. While Carla adjusts to life with a husband out of jail, Renee is ready to turn a new page. Drita continues to steam about Karen giving her the first chapter of her book and when stunning revelations about Lee surface, Drita is pushed over the edge. When Drita attempts to lay it all out on the table during a sit-down with Karen and the other women, all hell breaks loose."
"They pushed each other to the brink. Now see exclusive additional footage as the cameras continue to roll and find out what happens as all four Mob Wives come face-to-face one last time."
Season 2 - Mob Wives
"Renee is amped to finally get on the table for her full body makeover, but her \"easy-fix\" suddenly turns into her plastic surgery nightmare. Meanwhile, Drita and Carla are ready to dive into summer fun as newly single ladies. Karen finds a partner in crime in \"cousin\" Ramona and it's clear they are a force Drita will have to reckon with. Carla's lack of support during Renee's plastic surgery ordeal leads Renee to take drastic measures. After her near death experience, Renee decides to plan a \"Celebration of Life\" party, but things get ugly when partygoer and mob loyalist Big Ang attempts to get Karen and Drita to make amends."
"We're back on the scene at Renee's \"Celebration of Life\" extravaganza and Drita's make-up talk with Karen takes a vicious turn. Ramona gets hit in the crossfire and when rumors fly that it was a guy who threw the punch, the girl fight escalates into an all out mob brawl. Later, Junior finds out his sentencing from last year's massive mob bust and we learn of new mob wife's Ramona's infamous Mafia lineage. Meanwhile, Renee gets some news that rocks her world."
"In the aftermath of Renee's \"Celebration of Life\" party, Renee takes up her issues with the ladies violent behavior and sets out to confront Carla . Renee's \"make-up mood\" turns into a party of one, as the other women stand firm on opposing sides of the battlefield. Drita takes some serious steps to deal with life after Lee. After Junior's confession of love, Renee expects him to step up his game. After a night of partying with Karen, new mob wife \"cousin\" Ramona goes missing."
"With Ramona in the mix, frenemy lines are fiercely drawn between the two camps of women. Drita has a burning desire to know whether Karen sucker -punched her at Renee's party. Meanwhile Ramona, just released from jail has to face the music when her boyfriend's arrest is splashed all over the local news. Carla and Drita are convinced that all bad roads lead back to Ramona. Renee and Jr. take their relationship to the next level at warp speed but Renee rages over his crummy habits. It's time for a Karen\/Carla sit-down as Karen grows angry over Carla's defense of Drita. Tempers flare and when Karen declares war, Carla the \"Ice Princess\" turns up the heat."
"As tensions flare between Ramona and Carla, Drita takes further steps to finalize her divorce. Drita is surprised to learn that Carla has called a truce with Karen. After her confrontation with Karen, Carla questions whether she can ever trust Karen's intentions. Renee finds herself caught in the crossfire between the two heated camps of women. Things come to a head when Renee is confronted by her suspicions about Ramona."
"Renee's insecurities about Junior's past cheating ways start to resurface, and with Drita's help, Renee's curiosity leads to breaking into Junior's phone. But Drita has her own issues to deal with; she needs to break the news to Aleeya about divorcing Lee. Karen's entrepreneurial spirit leads her to throw a spa party at Renee's house. A day of beauty turns ugly when Renee unleashes Ramona's wrath and pushes Ramona to confront \"archenemy\" Carla once and for all. When Ramona confronts Carla, will the two \"truce-it\" out?"
"Unearthing old wounds proves to be a devastating journey for Renee. Carla reveals her close encounter with Ramona to Drita. After an intense couples counseling session, Renee faces the harsh realities that the fairytale life with Junior she's always dreamed of may be nothing but a nightmare. Karen begins to promote her tell all book \"Mob Daughter\" and is forced to face hard and fast questions about her life. Ramona deals with boyfriend facing jail time. Meanwhile, Drita gets a shocking surprise from Lee ."
"As Halloween descends on Staten Island, things get tricky when both Ramona and Drita plan bashes to celebrate on the same night. After an explosive couples counseling session, Renee and Junior are haunted by their past. Karen and Carla attempt to rekindle their friendship. When Renee and Carla are confronted with the dueling parties, they are once again faced with making decisions that may betray loyalties. Big Ang struggles with monkey business at her bar. While partying as Renee's partner in crime, Junior gets spooked."
"The girls head to the Poconos for a few days of relaxation away from the pressures of life on the Island, leaving Drita behind to curb her temper with anger management. Fun activities like horseback riding and fishing keep the girls out of trouble, but not for long. An increasingly troubled Renee confronts Ramona about her remark that Jr. married her for her father. A peaceful dinner culminates in an explosive battle between Ramona and Renee. As Ramona calls Drita's loyalty into question, Carla is forced to defend her friend."
"A night out in the Poconos, erupts into a Staten Island style smackdown as Renee calls for back-up. After Renee storms out of the bar headed back to Staten Island, Carla is left alone with \"team\" Karen and the shenanigans continue. The Poconos adventure ends with a bang when the wives hit a local pistol range and fire away. Back in Staten Island, Drita lands a sexy modeling gig and recruits Big Ang for a day of spray tanning. Ramona deals with the harsh realities of prison visits as Carla's husband, Joe is released and finally becomes a free man."
"Carla helps Drita step into the world of dating normal men while Big Ang questions her own relationship with her estranged 9-5 husband. Meanwhile, Renee starts to crack under the pressure of Junior's impending return to prison. Then, when she receives some shocking news, her entire world starts to crumble. Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse, another horrifying revelation leaves her shattered."
"Just as Renee swallows the bitter pill of losing both Junior and her Father to jail, explosive rumors surrounding Junior's surrender run wild throughout the streets of Staten Island. Drita plans a visit to Lee in prison while Big Ang tries cheer Renee up by taking her to an over the top drag show. But the laughter dies down when a shocking internet story reveals the truth about Junior, forever changing life as Renee and the rest of the women know it -- the result of the ultimate, completely ruthless betrayal."
"The rumors that have everyone on Staten Island chirping hit the New York Post, confirming that Junior is a \"rat\" and has been wearing a wire on Renee's father. As Renee tries to find her bearings, her paranoia about what people think about her ignites a new feud with Carla. Karen receives advice and support from a true \"mob wife,\" her mother Debbie, while a recording session for her audio book leaves her in tears. Drita struggles to reconcile her love of fighting with being a good example for her children."
"As Karen prepares for her book release party, she's left to face some harsh critics from her past while Drita is once again forced to deal with the idea that she and Lee might be in the book. Carla and Renee finally confront each other over Carla's implication that Renee knew that Junior was wearing a wire. Ramona tries to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars of jewelry that was confiscated by the Feds during her boyfriend's arrest and Christmas time means one thing to Big Ang -- party time! Meanwhile a new mob bust rocks Renee and the rest of Staten Island when five more men are arrested as a result of Junior's cooperation."
"As Renee deals with the fallout of her father taking the rap and Junior's betrayal, she becomes determined to get Karen and Drita to resolve their differences. Big Ang conspires with her on this \"impossible mission\" but is on her own mission to beautify herself. Drita gets shocking news regarding Lee's release from prison and begins to realize her hip hop dreams when she gets cast in French Montana video. Karen opens a spa to put down more permanent roots in New York but is torn when daughter Karina is not on the same page and Ramona and Renee are not able to offer the help she expected."
"Rene and Big Ang convince Drita and Karen to meet to iron out their problems once and for all."
Season 3 - Mob Wives
"Renee has a difficult time in rehab due to her being unable to control her anger. Ramona confronts Drita over a birthday party invitation."
"The wives come together after the destruction of Hurricane Sandy as they help their fellow neighbors and themselves."
"Dr. Drew sits down the the wives to discuss the altercation between Love and Carla. Karen and Ramona reveal the reasons they despise Carla. Note: Love Majewski was not invited to partake in the reunion due to her being let go from the series."
Season 4 - Mob Wives
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Season 5 - Mob Wives
"Gossip, lies and misunderstandings are rife on Staten Island."
"They're determined to finally set the record straight and show the world once and for all that while their lives may seem crazy at first glance, they love, laugh and get their hearts broken just like everyone else."
"Karen and Natalie have a showdown at Big Ang's party; Karen learns upsetting information about her boyfriend; Drita meets the new addition to Ang's family."
"Natalie gets closer to the Staten Island circle with her move to New York; Renee tries to rebuild her relationship with the crew; Drita hears news about Natalie."
"Renee begins to spiral after hearing of her ex-husband's betrayal; Drita introduces Nat D. Ang gets surprising news at her cousin's sentencing."
"Karen tries to mediate between Renee and Ang after their brawl at Drita's party in hopes of getting the crew back together."
"As the social media war spirals, Karen and Renee hate Natalie more; Ang arranges a meet-up for everyone."
"The feud between Karen and Natalie continues; Renee learns that her ex-husband was sentenced; Drita learns incriminating information about her friend Natalie."
"Renee reunites with a friend from her past; Natalie D. invites the women to her charity event; after being stood up, Natalie's temper flares."
"Drita tries to keep calm after learning about Natalie's deceitful ways; Renee throws a party; the Natalies nearly meet; unexpected guests disturb the celebration."
"The cast continues to look back at the past season; the two Natalie's hash out their season long battle."
Season 6 - Mob Wives
"In the Season 6 premiere, the original Staten Island crew is finally at peace after sending the ladies from Philly packing. Later, a new woman shows up and forces the group to face some difficult decisions."
"Drita is forced to defend herself after hearing the allegations from the Mermaid Parade. Later, Karen and Storm face difficult decisions; and Renee's friend shakes things up on a girls' weekend."
"Karen attempts to end the feud between Brittany, Carla and Renee. Later, Big Ang waits to learn if her cancer has spread; and Drita hears a rumor that could destroy her relationship with Karen."
"Karen tries step out of the drama and back into her relationship with her daughter. Renee performs in her final ballroom dancing class. Drita continues to steam after hearing Karen's verbal attack and calls for a final sitdown with Karen and Marissa. Ang reveals some disturbing news about her health."
"Never-before-seen footage will be shown to the women as they get ready for a final sitdown. Drita and Karen come together to settle old scores and Ang makes a heartfelt appearance in the midst of her intensive cancer treatment."