Little Big Shots

Little Piano Man A 9-year-old piano player, yodeller, rock band, orchestra-conductor, jazz singer, and 6-year-old dancer.

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.4

Season 1 - Little Big Shots
"Amazing kids featured in this preview episode include a 4-year-old basketball phenom, a 5-year-old mini Bruce Lee, and an incredible singing duo, as well as an enthusiastic spelling bee champ, and a sassy dancer who became an internet sensation."
"Featured in the premiere are a 4-year-old piano prodigy, an amazing salsa dancing duo, a six-year-old choir conductor, a funny viral story teller, and an impressive, five-year-old animal hypnotist from China."
"Amazing kids featured include two talented New Orleans twins who play in a brass band, an incredible dancer and gymnast, a fast-talking auctioneer and an adorable 3-year-old American Ninja Warrior."
"Extraordinary kids featured in this episode include identical-twin tap dancers, a talented young ventriloquist, an incredible boxer, a delightful dancer and an adorable 4-year-old reciting an inspirational poem."
"Amazing kids featured include a singer from England who became an Internet sensation, a gifted string quintet, a magician team of siblings and a spunky 5-year-old performer."
"Amazing kids featured include an incredible fiddler, a math genius, a martial arts master, impressive dancers and a gifted Motown performer."
"Extraordinary kids featured in this episode include an incredible 9-year-old \u201cpiano man,\u201d yodeler, rock band, orchestra conductor, jazz singer from Norway and 6-year-old dancer who became a viral sensation."
"Theater reviewer Iain, rapper Papa Jay, scooter trick rider Charley, ballet dancers Avery and Joziah and drum major Timmy join host Steve Harvey to wow America with their amazing talents!"
08 May 2016
"Highlights of the show's most popular performances, plus new acts of never-before-seen footage"
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Season 2 - Little Big Shots
"The premiere will feature an adorable 5-year-old who is a huge fan of Abe Lincoln and can recite the Gettysburg Address, a charismatic 4-year-old worship leader, a 12-year-old singing sensation from the Philippines and a 6-year-old science wiz who enlists Harvey's help with an explosive experiment. Also wowing viewers will be a 6-year-old basketball phenom and You Tube sensation who gets a very special surprise on the show, and a 4-year-old anatomy expert who impresses Harvey with her knowledge of every bone in the human body."
"The world's most extraordinarily fun and talented kids are featured in this family-friendly comedy\/variety series executive produced by Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey and hosted by Harvey. This week Harvey meets a 4-year-old girl who became a viral sensation after she decided to cut her own hair, a dynamic dance duo, a talented 6-year-old female drummer from Brazil, an amazing 7-year-old blind singer who performs the national anthem, a fun animal caller and acrobatic roller skaters from China who put on an incredible performance."
"Featured in this episode is a 5-year-old lasso-roping cowboy, an amazing 8-year-old slackliner from Japan, a blues guitarist from England, a 4-year-old geography wiz and two adorable girls who both became viral sensations."
"This week's episode of the family-friendly series from executive producers Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey features an adorable 4-year-old singer whose You Tube videos have been viewed by more than 80 million people, an incredible contortion and acrobatic youth cirque troupe and a young female wrestler. Other extraordinary kids appearing include piano-playing brothers from India, an inspirational singer and a young girl who became a viral sensation after dressing up as a hot dog on \"Princess Day.\""
"Amazing kids featured this week include an adorable 5-year-old kung fu expert, a talented 12-year-old singer\/harpist from Romania and a remarkable 4-year-old Shakespeare expert. Incredible talents are also on display from a champion 8-year-old baton twirler, an accomplished 11-year-old comic book artist and a wildly enthusiastic 9-year-old from China who wows host Steve Harvey with his Latin dance moves."
"This week's episode of the family-friendly series from executive producers Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey features an adorable 7-year-old dancer, twin boxers, an 11-year-old professional knife thrower and a talented young gospel singer. Other extraordinary kids featured include a unique horse jumper and an amazing group of banjo players."
"Extraordinary kids featured this week include a 6-year-old snail whisperer, a talented family of fiddlers and step dancers, an incredible singer from Wales, quick-change artists and an accomplished 5-year-old pianist from China. Host Steve Harvey also catches up with Akash, the fan-favorite spelling bee champ from season one and gives him a special Harvey-style spelling challenge."
"Featured kids include skateboarding siblings from Japan, a singer and guitarist from Costa Rica, two young brothers with pizza-tossing skills, and a 10-year-old contortionist who excels at archery."
"Extraordinary kids featured in this episode include a talented group of stepdancers, a passionate, 6-year-old environmentalist who became a viral sensation and an amazing piano prodigy who has performed multiple times at Carnegie Hall. Host Steve Harvey also visits with two engaging bilingual singers, a set of triplets with a unique card-throwing act and an adorable 4-year-old color guard."
"Featured kids include two young tango dancers from Italy, a unicyclist and juggler, a talented singer, a memory expert and a 4-year-old internet sensation."
"Extraordinary kids featured in this episode include an 8-year-old newscaster, a 7-year-old stand-up comedian and a talented boy band from Mexico. Host Steve Harvey also visits with an impressive aerial acrobat from Moscow, sisters who became a viral sensation and two of the most accomplished young ping pong players in the U.S."
"Phenomenal kids featured this week include talented a capella singers who are siblings, an incredible young cellist, amazing performers from China and an impressive national gymnastics champion and Olympic hopeful. Host Steve Harvey also visits with a remarkable 12-year-old opera singer from Holland and an inspiring motivational speaker who is just 10 years old."
Season 3 - Little Big Shots
"A confident 4-year-old who belts out Frank Sinatra songs, a charming 9-year-old bubble artist from Germany, a 7-year-old math expert, and a 5-year-old presidential expert who recites John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address. Also wowing viewers will be a 10-year-old contortionist, and a 12-year-old gospel singer who's voice will leave viewers singing his praises."
"A 6-year-old Irish dancer from Scotland, a classically trained trio of string players, foot juggling brothers from Ethiopia, and 3-year old viral sensation with his pet dog. Viewers will love our 4-year \"La La Land\" super fan, and very special performance from \"America's Got Talent\" little big shot, Angelica Hale."
"A 6-year-old hero who cares for veterans, a funky fiddler, a talented aerialist duo from the Ukraine, an amazing 8-year-old scientist with incredible experiments, a charming young farmer, and a extraordinary singer from Ireland is joined by music sensation, Pentatonix."
"A remarkably talented drum line from Atlanta; an unforgettable singer-songwriter; a 6-year old inventor; a young soccer star with incredible skills; a pair of young human calculators; Darci Lynne Farmer performs."
"An 8-year-old magician; a young historian; a soulful singer from Canada; a \"Beauty and the Beast\" super fan; a 5-year-old basketball sportscaster; a young opera singer."
"A singer from Spain; a 7-year-old chef from India; a 7-year-old one-armed golfer; the world's youngest author; a 10-year-old bass phenom; the strongest kid in the world."
"A 3-year-old basketball player; a 9-year-old taekwondo champion; a young car expert; a 9-year-old cyclist and sports reporter; three singers from the Philippines; a drum prodigy; Sheila E. pays a visit."
"A skilled snooker player from Ireland; a voice-over artist; a hip-hop dancer; a talented painter; gospel singer Caleb."
"A stellar jazz pianist, the world's youngest fitness expert, a witty 9-year old science ambassador, and a talented 7-year old dog trainer. Also, a soulful singing trio from the Philippines, and the return of America's favorite young cowboy and season 2 favorite, Blayze."
"A 5-year-old librarian; a dinosaur expert; a young country singer; a champion log roller; a Rubik's Cube expert; a pair of gymnasts."
"An 8-year-old pianist, a 5-year-old space expert, the world's fastest kid, a young aerialist, a pair of brothers help each other overcome disabilities, and budding singer-songwriter EmiSunshine."
"A special holiday episode featuring a powerhouse singer, a violinist, a gospel singer, a little boy and his dog, a singing superstar and a soul singer."
Season 4 - Little Big Shots
24 Feb 2020
01 Mar 2020
08 Mar 2020
15 Mar 2020