Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County

MTV follows eight teens living in Laguna Beach nearing the end of high school and beginning the next chapter of their lives.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2004

IMDb: 4.9

Season 1 - Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County
"Welcome to Laguna Beach and the life of eight high school friends who were born and raised in this beautiful seaside town. As the senior girls prepare for one of their infamous hotel parties, Stephen is torn by his attraction to two girls, Kristin and LC. After Kristin confronts him about his night with LC, sparks fly as they all attend the Black & White party."
"Stephen thinks he has to teach Kirstin how to surf, something she doesn't really like. Kirstin plans to cook with Jessica for Dieter and Stephen - a difficult project, when nobody knows how to cook! Stephen is getting jealous and he wants to talk with her at the bonfire - what will she say?"
"When LC, Stephen and Trey check out a designer fashion show in LA, LC watches Stephen's attention turn from fashion to fashion models. Meanwhile in Laguna, Kristin, Alex, and Sam, a junior hottie, go look at expensive cars, but Kristin's day of joyriding comes to a surprisingly abrupt halt, causing a nightmare no one expected."
"When Morgan throws Christina an 18th-birthday bash, she cuts LC and Lo from the guest list, so bumping into them the next day at the nail salon was sweet irony. Christina and Morgan then head to NYC for their spring break trip. While Morgan soaks in the big city fashion, Christina is challenged by the audition of a lifetime."
"It's spring break in Cabo and anything can happen, especially since LC, Stephen and Kristin are staying in the same hotel. Kristin's wild partying at a club prompts a fight with Stephen, opening the door for him to hook back up with LC."
"Spring Break is over and everyone has to deal with the past events. For distraction everyone has the Blink 182 concert in mind. Some organise their very own fashion show, while others plan a romantic dinner."
"It's prom time, and while everyone is caught up with who's going with whom, which pair of Charles David shoes look best with their dress, and how to fit everyone in the stretch Hummer limo, Kristin's biggest concern is a drama-free night with Stephen. She\u2019s confident it will be\u2026 as long as LC keeps her distance."
"The seniors charter a yacht to Catalina, but Lo skips out, leaving LC without a buddy to survive camping, kayaking, and Stephen and Kristin's incessant cuddling. Back in Laguna, Christina gives her first performance since the New York audition, from her father's renowned Crystal Cathedral."
"Graduation day is here and the seniors spend time with their families getting ready for the big event. Through a Senior Video Project, the seniors reveal their personal thoughts on graduation, senior year, and life after Laguna."
"Free from school, the gang lives up their last summer together, but when they gather for a final barbeque at Trey's house, the reality of leaving Laguna and each other starts to sink in."
"In the final days before leaving Laguna, Stephen must tie up loose ends, first saying goodbye to Trey, then the surf shop and finally Kristin. Luckily there's one person he won\u2019t have to part with."
Season 2 - Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County
"Kristin, Jessica and Alex H. are seniors now and plan on making the most of it, no matter who gets hurt. Especially if that includes Alex M., Taylor, Morgan S. and the new rumor queen Casey. Right away things are not like they used to be when everyone comes back for Christmas break. Lauren may be happy to see Stephen after she moved back to LB from San Fran, but Kristin makes it obvious that she and Stephen are dunzo. Even more obvious to everyone is that there's a new player in town: Jason. Well, obvious to everyone except his girlfriend Jessica."
"Jessica worships Jason, but Alex H. and Kristin know he's bad news. In fact, Kristin thinks he's cheated on her, but can't prove it. Soon, she might not have to. Taylor and Alex M, who has an obvious crush on Jason, run into him and Talan and invite them to their poker party. What's a guy gonna do? There's only so much time in high school."
"It's a birthday weekend in LB, but LC is splitting with Kaitlyn, Stephen and Dieter to celebrate in Mexico, while Alex H. and Jessica throw a dinner for Kristin. Kristin's only request? Taylor is not there. She got it, and also a call from Stephen and a little something started with Talan. But a Happy B-day turns to tears for LC when Stephen heads back to San Fran."
"Things are heating up on Laguna Beach, so Jason, Talan and Cedric go surfing \u2013 giving Alex M. the chance for a flirtatious prank. Jason may like the extra attention she\u2019s giving him, but Jessica doesn\u2019t. Speaking of extra attention, Talan lays it on pretty thick with Kristin over lunch, but will Kristin finally give him her full attention? Yeah right."
"The Winter Formal comes up, what means a lot of dates, trouble and drama for everyone. Especially for the couples already struggling the burden might be too high."
"Valentine's Day is coming up and nobody wants to be alone. Some present a new loved one, while others have to face the truth. But not everyone spends the day as planned."
"Everyone tries to forget something, so a trip to the mountains shall help. So Kristin, Talan, Jessica, Alex H. and Jeff go to Mammoth.\n\nMeanwhile in Laguna Beach other people think that their time has come."
"Jason is in trouble because his love life is suddenly of interest to anybody, since more and more people are getting involved. Things aren't easier with the upcoming Bonfire."
"It's Spring Break in Laguna Beach and everyone prepares to leave to Cabo, Mexico. Everyone? No there is one person, not willing to fallow the herd.\n\nIn Mexico everyone hopes for a drama free time, but of course someone has to ruin that dream."
"After Cabo things are even crazier than before and Kirstin find herself in the uncomfortable situation of a love triangle."
"It's party time in Laguna Beach and once again Kirstin in the middle of everything. Also in San Francisco things start to heat up."
"The senior's last prom comes up and everyone prepares for the big event. The boys try to find their dates and they have to find some creative ways to convince them. So how will the big event look like?"
"LC hosts a party for all the Laguna girls. Someone gets a new car and new couples go out in the world."
"It's graduation day in Laguna Beach The High School seniors see the end and reveal their plans for college. Even such a day of celebration holds a lot of surprises for many personal relationships."
"The Laguna Beach kids organize a benefit party, to help local victims of a landslide.\n\nBut even there, the drama strikes hard, very hard."
"The end of summary is near, so everyone is sad, because they start to prepare to leave.\n\nOne last big party is hosted, but not everyone is invited."
"Things come to an end! Everyone leaves, couples and friends say a final goodbye. Laguna Beach would be what it is, when there wouldn't be a big surprise to the end."
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